Taking care of Business. A chattel mortgage is the same product as a secured car loan only for assets that are purchased primarily for business use. Typically you will be Self Employed as a Sole Trader, Company, Trust or even working on wages but needing to purchase a work vehicle as part of your job requirements.

We understand that operating a business can be stressful enough without having to worry about what rate or offer you should expect on a business loan. Much like a car loan we still offer you the best product to suit your needs but we are able to access a more competitive range of lenders due the nature of the loan being business related. While business loans are more of a transaction then a sentimental purchase we can tailor the loan to cater for you needing to upgrade every 3-4 years by offering loan structures that can range from 3-7 years and may or may not include balloon payments to help with your cash flow. A balloon payment means that at the end of your loan contract there is a balloon or residual payment that needs to be paid to finalise the contract. They are usually up to 30% of the loan and can also be refinanced into a new loan if needed or included into the new purchase if you are upgrading at the end of the loan contract. Let us talk you through the advantages of having a chattel mortgage for your business and how we can help you achieve your goals faster.